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Electronic Products

FT and ICT Test Fixtures
Design and manufacture to have access to the PCB in all 6 sides “top, bottom, -X +X –Y +Y”, to ensure board is tested at the end user point of contact rather than test points or other test locations leading to miss potential assembly or manufacturing defects. These innovated test fixtures are designed for manual, semi-automated and inline applications.

Wave, SMT and Spot Flow Pallets
Design and manufacture for optimum soldering applications, these jigs are offer with titanium inserts, teflon coating, standard and custom Hold downs for optimum process control.

SMT and Nozzle Stencils
Design and manufacture with the latest cutting and material technologies “fine grain stainless, tooling grade aluminum” for optimum paste deposition for SMT or TH populated PCB’s.

Assembly and Press Fit Tooling
Design and manufacture for custom applications requiring manual or semiautomatic component insertion or preparation.
Router and Vacuum Plates Fixtures
Design and manufacture to support the PCB’s during screen printing or routing process for optimum solder paste printing or routing processes.

Teflon Coating Process
For optimum process control, we offer this process in many of our assembly tolls to ensure better solder flow and easy of maintenance.


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