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Our Products

Electronic Products
FT and ICT Jigs, Wave and SMT Pallets, Spot Flow and Nozzle Stencils, Vacuum and assembly Jigs, Stencils and BGA re-balling tools.

Semiconductor Products
Graphite Braze Fixtures, PKG Disks, Lapping Disk, Basket and Holding Chip carriers.

Medical Products
Optical Molds, Adaptors, Assembly and Production Tools.


Address  :  600 Nantucket Drive, Chula Vista, CA. 91911
Phone  :  (619) 863-5460
Fax  :  (619) 863-5459
Email  :
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Domicilio  :  Calle Misión de San Luis # 348-8, Col. Kino, Tijuana, México, C.P. 22223
Teléfonos  :  (664) 627-0850 y (664) 627-0854
Fax  :  (664) 660-9140
Email  :
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